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On completion of this course, learners will acquire the knowledge and skills to be a Safe Management Officer for the organisation in coordinating the implementation of the Safe Management Measures in their workplaces aligned to the tripartite partners’ – the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) Advisories. Participants will gain knowledge and skills in workplace risk management for COVID-19 situation in mitigating COVID-19 risks at source and also monitoring effectiveness of implementation of safe management measures

Upon completion of course, the competent learner will be able to:

1. Appreciate the COVID-19 risks in daily work activities in accordance with legal and organizational requirements.

2. Coordinate the implementation of safe management measures in view of COVID19 Situation.

3. Coordinate inspections and checks.

4. Remedying non-compliance

5. Maintaining records of inspections and checks. 

For appointed Safe Management Officers (SMOs) who wish to develop and implement Safe Management Measures followed by monitoring the effectiveness of implementation within their respective workplaces (less Construction industry).

1. Introduction & Overview

1.1 Source of Origin

1.2 About COVID-19

1.3 Possible Signs & Symptoms

1.4 How it spread

2. Compliance Obligations

2.1 Background

2.2 Regulatory References

2.3 Enforcement from Regulators

3. Risk Management

3.1 Terminology

3.2 How to assess the risks?

3.3 Standard Methodology

3.4 Inventory List of Work Activities

3.5 Hazard Identification

3.6 Risk Evaluation

3.7 ALARP Concept

3.8 Risk Control

3.9 Apply control measures at various high-risk touch points within the company

3.10 Communication

3.11 Monitoring effectiveness

3.12 Risk Assessment Sample

3.13 Group Discussion

3.14 Learning Activities 1, 2 & 3

4. Safe Management Measures Programme (SMMP)

4.1 Mandatory Requirements

4.2 Safe Management Measures Committee

4.3 WSH COVID-19 Policy

4.4 Policy Statement & Intent

4.5 What need to be done?

4.6 Developing SMMP

4.7 SMMP for Manufacturing Sector

5. SMO Appointment & Duties

5.1 SMO Appointment

5.2 Coordinating in SMMP Implementation

5.3 Conducting Inspections & Checks

5.4 Inspection Protocol

5.5 Inspection Monitoring Plan

5.6 Inspection Schedule

5.7 Inspection Checklist

5.8 Inspection Report Template

5.9 Recommendations

5.10 Remedy of Non-Compliance

5.11 Record Keeping

5.12 Resources for SMO

5.13 Stakeholders Involvement

5.14 Handling Non-Compliances

5.15 Industry Good Practices

6. Implement Health Checks & Protocols to manage Potential Cases

6.1 Temperature Screening & Checks for Respiratory System

6.2 Managing Unwell Employees

6.3 Managing Suspected or Confirmed Case

6.4 Workplace Map (Zone Segregation)

7. SMM Monitoring Plan Sample

7.1 Monitoring Plan

7.2 Audit Checklist

Course Duration

4 Hours

Mode of Training

Virtual Learning via Zoom



Trainer : Trainee Ratio

1: 20

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Not Applicable


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