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For the use of the auditing organisation’s name and mark or logo, prior approval shall be obtained from Greensafe International Pte Ltd.

We recognize the importance of impartiality and confidentiality in carrying out management system auditing through highly competent auditors to ensure the objectivity and confidentiality of its auditing activities.

We ensure all audits are conducted impartially and all clients’ records and information are managed confidentially and secured;

  • We shall not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality.
  • We shall feedback or declare any situation that may have a conflict of interests.
  • We shall manage all information and records, obtained or created, confidentially and secured.


To provide independent and impartial audits that give all stakeholder confidence that our auditing activities are competently and objectively delivered with high confidentiality and integrity.


Only conflicting issues directly related to the scope of audit shall be considered as conflict of interest and the following cases apply:

Examples of conflict of interest:

  • An Auditing Organization is part of a parent organization and the parent organization is audited by the Auditing Organization;
  • An Auditing Organization audits a subsidiary of the same parent organization as the Auditing Organization though the subsidiary has influence over the decision making process of the Auditing Organization;
  • The same person / Auditing Organization provides WSHO consultancy and conducts SHMS audit for the same project;
  • The same person / Auditing Organization develops the corporate SHMS (including IMS) and conducts SHMS audit for any projects or at corporate level
  • The same person / Auditing Organization develops corporate QMS/EMS and conducts SHMS for the project; or
  • An Auditing Organization provides a WSH officer for Project A of XYZ organization and conducts a SHMS audit for Project B of XYZ organization;
  • An Auditing Organization provides WSH officer(s) to the same organization;
  • The management of the Auditing Organization (including directors and shareholders) is part of or whole of a consultancy organization (including managerial capacity) which provides management systems consultancy and auditing to the same organization.

A recognized mitigation of this threat is:

  • Personnel / Auditing Organization shall not be used to conduct the audit for a minimum of two years following the end of the consultancy of the corporate QMS/EMS, or
  • Personnel / Auditing Organization shall not be used to conduct the audit for the duration of the project where consultancy was provided.

In order to ensure that there is no conflict of interest, personnel including individual external auditors who have provided management system consultancy to the organization and including those acting in managerial capacity, shall not be used by the Auditing Organization to take part in an audit if they have been involved in providing management system consultancy to the organization for the past 2 years. The Auditing Organization shall not provide auditing services to a organization if any of the Auditing Organization’s external auditors:

  • is currently employed by the organization on contract of service or contract for service; or
  • has been involved in providing management system consultancy of the organization for the past 2 years.

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