10 WSQ – Perform Work At Height (WAH-W)

WSQ – Perform Work At Height (WAH-W)

WSQ – Perform Work At Height (WAH-W)

WSQ – Perform Work At Height (WAH-W)

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The aim of the course is to provide Work-At-Height (WAH) knowledge to conduct WAH activities, participants will learn about: • Risk Assessment for Work At Height • Work At Height Legislation • Ladders and Step Platforms • Principles of Fall Protection • Personal Protection Equipment for Work At Height • Practical lessons on harness fitting, harness suspension, retractable fall arrestors, twin lanyards, ladder systems • Fall Rescue and Suspension Trauma • Fall prevention plan and emergency preparedness

Workers who are required to perform WAH activities.

  • Legal and Other requirements relevant to WAH
  • Risk Assessment methods relevant to WAH Hazards
  • Preventive measures relevant to Work At Height
  • Fall Protection Equipment
  • Fall Protection Plan
  • Practical Session

At the end of the course, the participants shall be able to:

Identify relevant Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) legislations / approved codes of practice / Singapore standards applicable to WAH and roles and responsibilities.

Identify WAH hazards and preventive measures related to WAH

Demonstrate the understanding of use and care for the various fall arrest systems and equipment

7.5 hours / 1 Day
Classroom Training
Assessment Written and practical
Upon successful completion of the course a safety Pass endorsed by Greensafe International Pte Ltd will be issued the participants
The course will require physical activity that is more than the usual of what you may encounter in normal daily workplace.

1. Training Partners Gateway Course Reference Code : CRS-Q-0041159-MF

2. For companies applying for funding, the training grant applications will be submitted up to 30 days before the course start date via Training Partners Gateway.