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Greensafe offers a range of safety and work site training courses for professionals of all skill levels. Our training materials are delivered in an intuitive and engaging format which simplifies the learning process. Boost your professional knowledge today with our training programs that cover a range of specializations from chemical handling to food safety.
CSOC Course Singapore | WSQ Certificate

Professional Level Courses

Upskill your career and differentiate yourself with Greensafe’s selection of professional certification courses.

Managerial Level Courses

Enhance your leadership and improve worksite efficiency with this specially-designed training program for managers

Internal Auditor Training Course
Supply Manpower | ISO 27001 | SDU Course

Supervisory Level Courses

Looking to take on a leadership role in the future? Advance your technical and leadership skills with this course.

Worker Level Course

From hot work to confined space entry, improve your team’s safety and performance with this program for operational-level staff.

Worker Level Course | Wsq Certificate
Bizsafe Level 4 Course | Greensafe’s custom training programs

Other Courses

Acquire new skills and make yourself more marketable with Greensafe’s custom training programs.