SHARP Award Audit

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The SHARP Award recognises projects or worksites that have good safety and health performance and workplace safety and health management systems. This includes large-scale projects that mobilise significant manpower and have shown their ability to manage WSH on a project-level. Examples of winners of this award would be shipyards projects, construction worksites and large workplaces within an organisation.

The objective of this audit is to assess the organization’s compliance to elements of ConSASS Safety & Health Management Systems and to check whether the organization meets the criteria to attain the award.

The audit methodology includes document review, site inspection and interview of key personnel. The audit is conducted based on standard checklist questionnaire published by WSH Council. WSH auditors accredited by SAC and employed by SAC Accredited WSH Auditing Organizations.

The audit scope will also cover the audit checklists for X Factors and Evidence Based Assessment.