Safety Orientation Course (Tunnelling) for Workers – SOC (T)

Safety Orientation Course (Tunnelling) for Workers – SOC (T)

Safety Orientation Course (Tunnelling) for Workers – SOC (T)

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This course aims to introduce workers to recognize common safety and health hazards and take the necessary preventive measures to avoid injuries and diseases while working in the tunnels. Under the Factories (Safety Training Courses) Order 2001 which came into effect in June 2001, all workers, including Singaporeans, must undergo a Safety Orientation Course (Tunnelling) for Workers before they are allowed to work in tunnels.

This course is designed for all workers carrying out work in a tunnel in building and engineering construction worksite.

  • General Safety in Tunnelling Works
  • Working Hazard in Tunnelling
  • Free Air Tunnelling
  • Compressed Air Tunnelling
  • Tunnelling Equipment & Machinery
  • Confined Space, Hot Work
  • Work in Compressed Air Environment
  • Toxic Vapours and Gases
  • Procedure for Safe Work in Tunnelling
  • Incident Reporting and Risk Assessment
  •  Accident Case Study

Identify hazards in Tunnelling

Know general Safety requirements in Tunnelling

Identify Tunnelling Equipment & Machinery

Identify hazards in Confined Space

Know the procedures for Safe Work

Identify hazards in working in Compressed air

4.25 hours / ½ Day
Classroom Training
English, Mandarin
Written Test (MCQ)
Upon successful completion of the course a certificate and safety pass endorsed by Greensafe International Pte Ltd will be issued the participants.

Participant should successfully completed Construction Safety Orientation Course for Workers (CSOC) to be eligible to attend this course.

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