WSQ Workplace Safety and Health Practices Implementation (Level 1)

WSQ Workplace Safety and Health Practices Implementation (Level 1)

WSQ Workplace Safety and Health Practices Implementation (Level 1)

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Follow the organisational Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) policies and guidelines

This course will be targeted primarily at entry or junior workers in the Cleaning Industry whose job involve a basic understanding to follow and comply with organizational workplace safety and health (WSH) policies and guidelines within their work environment/ environmental services industry.

At the end of the Course, Learners will be able to gain the following:

Technical Skills and Competencies


  1. Importance of WSH and how it affects their work.
  2. Organizational reporting procedures for any WSH related matters.
  3. Common risk and hazards that are involved in the environmental services industry.
  4. WSH reasonable practical risk control measures.


  1. Follow stipulate WSH practices in order to prevent accidents or minimize risks.
  2. Identify any unsafe acts or conditions that are present in their work environment.
  3. Report to their supervisor any unsafe acts or conditions in accordance to the company procedures
Classroom Training
Written Assessment and Role Playing
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